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Horses for Future photo 2 Horses on hill

Planet Project

Every week we are going to have a Project that everyone can join in. Over time these projects will help us learn more about what we can do to make a difference in the climate crisis.

Horses for Future Tonnerre Project 1.jpg
Horses for future Project 2.jpg

Project 1: Vegetarian Friday

For our first Planet Project I’ve chosen "Vegetarian Friday”

The reason for starting with “Vegetarian Friday” is twofold.

First, coming together over a meal is a great way to create community. I’ve seen this over and over again at my clinics. We always begin with an evening get together. Meeting first over a meal helps to create a safe space, one that invites creativity. It’s a good way to begin this new adventure.

Project 2: Water Absorption Test

It isn’t just about pasture management and sequestering carbon.  It also means we can take the lessons that our horses are teaching us out to the broader public to help find solutions for the climate crisis.  These Planet Projects give us practice in how to do that.

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