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Sequester Carbon

Horses For Future

Horses for Future was founded on September 20, 2019.  A group of horse owners wanted to make a difference in climate change.  Our horses gave us the answer.  We can sequester carbon under our pastures.  More carbon in our soils means healthier pastures.  So we can help our horses at the same time we are helping the planet.  

Horses For Future Supports Fridays for Future

Join us as we learn together how to make a difference for the planet.  We are turning to our horses for the wisdom and heart we need.

For thousands of years horses have been intimately woven into our history.  Riding on their backs, we have spread out over the planet.  We have ridden them to war.  We have used them to pull plows.  Now let us enter into a new relationship with horses, one that takes us in fellowship with them to a healthy planet.




Every Monday through the Horses for Future facebook group we’re going to announce a project for the week.  

This will be something everyone can participate in.  Whether you keep your horses at home or you board your horse, or maybe you don't even have a horse, whether you are six or sixty, these are projects everyone can contribute to.

Through the Horses for Future facebook group we can share resources and ideas. Each Friday we will celebrate our successes.


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