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The Change Maker's Book Shelf

People are wonderful!  We are getting recommendations for books to read.  I am listing them here so we can build up a great reference shelf for those wanting to learn more. This will keep you busy!

Recommened by L.K. on the Horses for Future facebook group 9/30/19:


Reed Warbler - a New Agriculture, a New Earth by
Charles Massy is an enlightening read!

Who’s Minding the Farm by Patrice Newell is also interesting!

Anything by Allan Savory of the Savory Institute is worth reading or listening to as well.

The RegenNarration podcasts are worth listening to.

None of the above are specifically about horses but they are all passionate about sequestering carbon and doing the best for our world by regenerating our lands and reintroducing biodiversity.

This was just for starters.  The following were recommended in posts from 9/30/19 to Dec. 2019.


Charles Massy : Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth.

Isabella Tree: Wilding

Gabe Brown: Dirt To Soil

Jeff Lowensfell and Wayne Lewi: Teaming with Microbes

Heather Darby: The Art and Science of Grazing

two books by Dale Strickler, one on pasture management and one on drought-resistant farming

William Bryant Logan: SPROUT LANDS: Tending the Endless Gift of Trees, by arborist German books

Dr. Tanja Romanazzi: Pferdehaltung und Permakultur

Christiane Maute: Homöopathie für Pflanzen, Homöopathie für Rosen

Vaikunthanath D Kaviraj: Homöopathie für Garten und Landwirtschaft
Wolfgang Becvar: Wege zur ganzheitlichen Landwirtschaft



Recycling of twine and nets in Germany



The Great Disruptor to the Anthropocene - Charlie Massy speaking at Groundswell 2019 - Charles Massy talks about the enormous promise of regenerative agriculture as expounded in his best-selling book Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth.

Allan Savory - A commonsense resolution to restore our environment - Live at Groundswell 2019 - Allan talks about the cause of both global desertification and climate change in which agriculture is playing possibly a greater role than fossil fuel emissions. And he will explain why two new paradigm-shifting concepts are involved in any solution: Management and policy need to be holistic and no longer reductionist and livestock, in greatly increased numbers, are essential to any solution.

Ted Talk Allan Savory


Horses for Future

Farming for Beetles

Extinction rebellion


Horse Welfare Day

Farming Matters March 24-25 2020cAlbury NSW

Equiculture talk at Knepp castle (UK) in April 2020

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